Since I was a young girl I have always been outgoing and friendly, even to complete strangers. When times were tough, I pushed through with positive thoughts, and one of the reasons for my optimism is the energy and inspiration I received from the many people I was fortunate enough to meet and share my life with. I am sure my mother can vouch for my outgoing personality, as I said hello to passersby as soon as I was able to say the word Hello, and I haven't changed luckily, which is why I have so many wonderful encounters and a cadre of amazing meetings of acquaintances & friends.

Sometimes you meet complete strangers and they also are full with their own stories which I love to hear. It doesn't have to mean a friendship to chat with a stranger who happens to be at the same place as you are with shared interests, a good conversation and goodbye is also satisfactory. If there is a chemistry, it is as if you have known them your whole life and an instant bond is formed ,then beautiful. This is the magic of connection. Some of the people I have met along the way have enhanced my life in immeasurable ways - some from a brief conversation in passing, and others from a lifetime of friendship. My friends are like a mini United Nations, diverse in all ways, and I am a better person for their presence in my life. Life would be very one dimensional if our friends were all the same and only a reflection of our thoughts, background, and experience. I treasure my friends and what they bring to my life.

My journey is a rich and interesting collection of people, moments, and experiences. We often move through life with this in mind; however, the day to day demands of life absorb us and we cannot always pay tribute to those who make our journey so worthwhile. I decided to take the time to share stories and pay tribute to the many people who I have crossed paths with and will in the future cross paths. You too can meet this colorful cast of characters, and they can enrich your life as they have mine.