Class of 2016

Graduating is an exciting moment no matter the level or degree.
It stirs deep emotions for the graduate as well as family and friends.

30 years ago when I graduated, I recall breathing a big sigh of relief; however, at the same moment I felt sadness realizing I would no longer be part of class and being with my school friends everyday suddenly came to an end.

Yesterday my daughter Lauren graduated high school, Class of 2016 Of The Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg in St.Gallen, Switzerland.
My husband Lars and I were beaming with pride when Lauren, AKA Loz, walked across the stage to receive her diploma. The third of our five daughters. Lauren is studious, beautiful, kind, and curious about the world and we are excited to follow her next steps.
The entire family was there to celebrate, all flying into Zurich earlier in the day.

The ceremony started at 18:30hrs first with a welcome aperitif followed by a light dinner.

A moment was taken to say hello to some of the other graduating students and their parents as they too were busy photographing their loved ones with friends and teachers suddenly everybody wants to make memories.

A strong feeling of loss passes by me quickly as you know too that these graduating young adults were the kids from yesterday you watched grow up. I personally became very familiar as you do, with some of the kids from Lauren class and I will truly miss many of them like Dasha, Lucas, the twins Maxim & Valeria, Ivan, Sam and many more fantastic kids from this unique class.

The drums roll the music plays.
As I watched Lauren cross the stage I remembered her as a toddler, adolescent, and now a poised young woman heading toward the future and though I was in a crowded hall filled with people, I stood in silence and felt alone in my thoughts, watching time go by in slow motion.Tears of happiness were accumulating, my face was warm, warmer than usual, my heart full of joy and love for Lauren.

Lars and I knew it was going to happen – our children growing up is inevitable, correct?
We prepared ourselves over the last 12 months in so many ways, including the usual university applications, writing CV’s and talk talk talk what to do after school, where to go, what are her hopes and dreams, and should she do a sabbath year or go straight to university. Lauren is still asking herself the age old question, What shall I be when I grow up? While we offer our advice, as parents do, we are also learning the difficult lesson of letting go and having faith that we raised her well and ultimately, her choices and destiny are hers, and will result in an amazing lifetime adventure, I am sure about that!

Congratulations and bravo !!! to Class 2016 Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg



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