One of many beautiful castles in Switzerland is Schloss Schwarzenbach. It is situated in St Gallen and dates back to the 13th century

Once home to Kings of the Austrian Habsburg empire, is a unique castle set in the heart of Toggenburg.

Belonging to the North East part of Switzerland, the castle walls stand high over the river Thur winding estuaries.

The history of Schloss Schwarzenbach is rooted deep down with traditions going back for more than 800 years , this 12th century castle, in the modern day term , had in the past created, in an innovative way, disruption!! , for great thinkers and innovators of the past this was the basis of them founding new beginnings and partnerships.

Today the castle has been used to host major events so serves still as the backdrop for the foundation of relationships, business & networking. It’s a place where great innovative minds, once again can meet.

History truly repeats itself, so make Schloss Schwarzenbach your hub for thought partnership and the creation of new ideas. We welcome businesses and relationships through networking events and seminars. Come by and enjoy this place in its original splendor and join Club Supercar and other selected events run by our Family Office and enjoy this castle and it’s wonders.

Schloss Schwarzenbach

Schloss Schwarzenbach

Schloss Schwarzenbach

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